Bachelor/ Master@ICB

We have opportunities for bachelor/master theses at the Institute for Computational Biology. Please email a CV (including contact details of references) and a cover letter, tailored to the research group and topic (see below) you are interested in:

Research group Topic
Ahmidi Lab Investigating patients conditions and quality of their treatments in hospital
Developing visualization tools for patients treatments in hospitals
Colomé-Tatché Lab Investigating epigenomes through computational and mathematical models
Heinig Lab Causal inference using polygenic risk scores and gene expression
Marsico Lab Machine learning methods for post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
Analysis of microRNAs in embyonic development
Marr Lab Deep learning and data analytics for biological and clinical image data
Data driven mathematical modeling of cell fate decisions
Menden Lab Machine learning / biostatistics methods for pharmacogenomics (drug high-throughput screens)
Systems biology analysis of cancer and diabetes
Schubert Lab Machine learning and Combinatorial Optimisation in Computational Immunology
Biostatistics analysis and methods development for Biomedical applications
Scialdone Lab Development of computational tools for single-cell RNA-seq data analysis
Mathematical modelling of cell fate decision
Theis Lab Development and application of machine learning techniques for the analysis of scRNA-seq data
Artificial intelligence in biomedical data science
Fuchs Lab Development and application of probabilistic models and statistical methods for analysis of biological data
Marsico Lab Genome-wide scale analysis for understanding and deciphering complex post-transcriptional regulatory networks leading to disease phenotypes
C.L.Müller Lab Development and application of statistical and data science methods for analysis of biological systems