New junior research group "Genetic and Epigenetic Gene Regulation" at ICB

Source: HMGU

A new junior research group "Genetic and Epigenetic Gene Regulation" started at the ICB in mid-May.
The group is headed by Dr. Matthias Heinig.

Mission of the team:
Technological advances allow for an unprecedented in-depth characterization of the molecular basis of complex diseases. In particular SNP genotyping, DNA methylation assays and gene expression profiling in large cohorts have been used to identify numerous disease associated loci and genes. However, a deeper mechanistic or systems level understanding of disease processes still remains elusive in most cases.
The aim of our research is the development and application of computational and statistical tools for the identification of molecular regulatory networks underlying common diseases and the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms controlling these networks from population level DNA and multi-omics data sets. A special focus is the molecular characterization of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, in particular diabetes and arrhythmias like atrial or ventricular fibrillation.

Methodologically we will focus on:

  • analysis of DNA methylation data from microarrays and whole genome bisulfite sequencing
  • analysis of chromatin data such as ChIP-seq for histone modifications and DNAse-seq for open chromatin
  • analysis of transcription factor binding sites based on ChIP-seq and DNA sequence motifs
  • integration of transcriptome, genetic and epigenetic data to study regulation of transcription and splicing of mRNA and non-coding RNA
  • data integration to associate regulatory mechanisms to disease phenotypes

Check the group’s homepage for more details about goals, projects, members etc.