Dr. Dr. F. Alex Wolf receives Arnold Sommerfeld PhD Prize 2015

Dr. Dr. F. Alex Wolf (source: HMGU)

F. Alex Wolf, postdoctoral fellow in the research group "Machine Learning", has been awarded the Arnold Sommerfeld PhD Prize 2015 from the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics (ASC) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. F. Alex Wolf receives the award for his PhD thesis "Solving dynamical mean-field theory using matrix product states", which he defended in October 2015. The prize comes with 1,000 € prize money and a lecture at the renowned "Sommerfeld Theory Colloquium". Having moved to the ICB in 2015, F. Alex Wolf now uses his experience in computational many-body physics to develop machine learning methods for the analysis of high-dimensional single-cell gene expression data.