Theis Lab is looking for a HiWi/student assistant

Scanpy - Open Source Software Development of Scanpy


You will be working with the core developers team to support the development of the package Scanpy ( . Scanpy is the leading single-cell analysis framework in Python (>300k downloads, >900 stars) providing infrastructure for > 400 external packages. You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks around machine learning and data science applications for biological data. Some of the tasks are the following:

  • Implement scalable regression frameworks for data normalization
  • Implement benchmarks to assess Scanpy speed and memory efficiency
  • Evaluate and improve out-of-core capabilities for Scanpy functions (using dask/zarr)
  • Develop Scanpy website Issue tracking and Pull Requests review


Quantitative background and good knowledge of the scientific computing and machine learning ecosystem in Python (numpy, numba, scikit-learn, pandas, dask, matplotlib etc.). Knowledge of Continuous Integration and testing suite maintenance (github actions, tox, readthedocs etc.). Web design experience (required only for the Website task). 

If you are interested, please email a CV (including contact details of references) and a cover to .