Reading and Discussion Course "Quantitative stem cell biology"

Lecturers:Carsten MarrMichael Strasser
Tel.: +49 89 3187-2158Tel.: +49 89 3187-2876
E-mail: michael.strasser(at)




Helmholtz Zentrum München,
Ingolstädter Landstraße 1,
Gebäude 58a, Seminarraum 121

Date & Time:     22.4.2015 - 15.7.2015, Wednesday, 3 pm - 4:30 pm
Prerequisites:Bachelor degree in mathematics, bioinformatics, statistics or related fields.
Number of participants:~15
Language:      English


Topic: The description of stem cell dynamics and potential has a rich history in quantitative biology. The renewed recent interest is due to promising applications, like stem cell therapies and personalized medicine. In this seminar, we will study classical and recent publications from the field, implement the proposed mathematical models of stem cell dynamics, study the used technologies and discuss the biological implications. Apart from familiarizing with computational biology, we want to strengthen presentation and discussion skills of the participants.