Clinical Chemistry Lab

Prof. Dr. Andreas Peter

Head of Facility

Prof. Dr. Erwin Schleicher

Deputy Head of Facility

The DZD Clinical Chemistry lab is the central analytical platform for metabolism-related biomarkers in multicenter studies of the DZD. The aim is to achieve a continuous comparability of clinical study results between different sites within the DZD. In addition to a large analytical spectrum of clinical chemical, immunological and genetic (e.g. MODY) parameters, the offered services comprise individualized pre-and post-analytical consulting for the planning of clinical trials as well as biobanking. These are also regularly offered to external academic and industrial partners for research collaborations.



Our research focuses are the development and application of bioanalytical methods including GC- and UHPLC-mass spectrometry based metabolomic- and lipidomic-strategies for the elucidation of molecular pathomechanisms in prediabetes, diabetes, and its vascular complications. Special focus is on the role of hepatic and skeletal muscle lipid metabolism for the development of insulin resistance, inflammation, and diabetes mellitus. The evaluation of functional biomarkers is complemented by the application of stable isotopes, in cell culture, rodent tissues and human biopsies. A further focus of the group is the evaluation and optimized application of existing biomarkers for the diagnostic and treatment control of patients with diabetes mellitus.

Quelle: Michael Haggenmüller / Helmholtz Center Munich