Gene Regulation and Epigenetics

Group name: Gene Regulation and Epigenetics

Head of group:
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Beckers, Executive MBA

Johannes Beckers

Phone: +49 89 3187 3513

We are the group of Gene Regulation and Epigenetics. Our research focuses on the epigenetic inheritance of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes mostly using the mouse as functional model system. We aim to understand how metabolic phenotypes that are acquired during life - for example, by malnutrition - are inherited from one generation to the next. Changes in transcripts carried by oocytes and sperms as well as chemical modifications of DNA and chromosomes contribute to this inheritance. This mode of inter-generational epigenetic inheritance was only recently discovered. With our research we want to contribute to a better understanding of its mechanisms and implications for the observed pandemic of obesity and diabetes in man. We offer our technical expertise in transcriptomics in numerous scientific collaborations, preferentially in the area of metabolic disorders.

Source: IEG