ArtTheIES - Artist in Residence

©Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu is an award winning internationally renowned British Bio-Artist who explores our relationship to infectious diseases, synthetic biology and robotics. She holds visiting research fellowships at many prestigious institutions. Her work has been featured in many significant publications. Current collaborations include the Institute of Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology at BOKU Vienna, the EU H2020 CHIC Consortium, the University of Leeds and here at the IES.

The research of  Prof. Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla has been devoted to unravel the mechanisms that drive cell fate and underlie cellular identity. She is dedicated to bring science closer to society and to revise ethical, legal and societal standards in science promoting responsible research. Since 2009, she has been leading her research group focussing on the epigenetic mechanisms that regulate the transitions of cellular plasticity and epigenetic reprogramming during early mammalian development.

Dr. Claudia Schnugg has been working as curator, researcher, producer, and international consultant in intersections of art and aesthetics with science, technology, and business, as well as artscience collaboration processes. She has explored effects of artistic interventions on social settings, especially framing artistic interventions and art programs in (scientific and corporate) organizations to develop methodologies for innovation and meaningful interaction with the arts.

Coming from basic research, Amelie J. Kraus has been working in science communication and management as Scientific Coordinator for Epigenetics. She is responsible for creating the content for websites and social media platforms, scientific writing, networking and organization of events and outreach activities to bridge science and society. She has been closely working together with Dr. Claudia Schnugg to coordinate the internal and external activities as well as communication strategies of “Art-the-IES”.