The next adventure of the IES - Artist in Residence program with the famous bio-artist Anna Dumitriu

The Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells launches the first Artist in Residence Program at the Helmholtz Zentrum München. Therefore, Prof. Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla, the Director of the institute, and Amelie J. Kraus, the Scientific Coordinator of the Epigenetics@HMGU community, teamed up with Dr. Claudia Schnugg, a SciArt Advocat, and Anna Dumitriu, a famous and pioneering bioartist. The cross-discipline program aims to engage the public awareness for science and to elucidate the benefits that research brings to society.

At first glance, art and science are professions that seem to be utterly incompatible. However, a closer look reveals that both have the same driving forces: creative people full of curiosity and fascination aiming to push their field of interest beyond limits. Today, was the virtual kick-off of the IES “Artist in Residence” program. The program was planned together with Dr. Claudia Schnugg, an experienced SciArt Advocate, who made the launch of this program possible and will support the residency. Anna Dumitriu will join the Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells and will use her exceptional activity to translate rational and scientific concepts into emotional art pieces, making scientific discoveries experienceable for everyone. As part of the hosting laboratory, Anna will be able to experience the daily research routine, which is at the moment mostly happening virtually, and will work closely together with PhD students and Postdocs. Thereby, scientists can benefit from the her outside perspective on their research and have the outstanding opportunity to acquire uncommon techniques to mediate scientific topics to the public.