LifeTime Inititative – Promoting cell-based and patient-centered medicine to improve healthcare throughout Europe

The vision is “Revolutionizing European healthcare”! Hundreds of innovators and experts from research, medicine, politics, and industry from all around Europe join their forces in the LifeTime Initiative aiming to inaugurate a new era of personalized, cell-based interceptive medicine for Europe with the potential of improved health outcomes and more cost-effective treatment. They recently published a detailed roadmap of how to use the latest scientific breakthroughs and technologies over the next decade, to track, understand and treat human cells throughout an individual’s lifetime.

The Pan-European LifeTime Initiative, coordinated by Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin and Institut Curie in Paris, unites over 60 research centers across Europe with international advisors and over 70 companies. This consortium has developed strategies to advance personalized treatment for five major disease classes, which often remain undetected until the first symptoms appear: cancer, neurological-, infectious-, chronic inflammatory- and cardiovascular diseases. However, at this stage successful medical treatment can be quite complicated, ineffective, costly and invasive. Currently, early detection of these diseases is rather limited and this is exactly where the LifeTime Initiative plans to intervene.

Therefore, they will integrate single-cell multi-omics and imaging technologies, artificial intelligence and personalized disease models to uncover the cell abnormalities during early disease progression. This will make timely diagnosis and therapy possible.

In two publications – one perspective article and the LifeTime Strategic Research Agenda – describe now a detailed roadmap of how LifeTime plans to achieve their vision following ethically responsible research strategies to benefit every European citizen.

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