Publication announcement: Heterogeneity and Fate Decision in Mouse Embryos

Dr. Jonathan Fiorentino (Scialdone Lab) published a review together with Dr. Antonio Scialdone and Prof. Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla discussing the mathematical modeling approaches that help to characterize cellular heterogeneity at different levels during early mouse development.

Cellular heterogeneity refers to difference between cells from different cell types but also between single cells from the same cell type. Heterogenous cell populations are found in any living system.

In this review, the authors discuss recent studies characterising cellular heterogeneity at different developmental stages of the mouse embryo and review the mathematical modelling approaches used to interpret the findings. Understanding the role of cellular heterogeneity is important to disentangle its relationship with cell fate decision.


Fiorentino J, Torres-Padilla ME, Scialdone A. (2020). Measuring and Modeling Single-Cell Heterogeneity and Fate Decision in Mouse Embryos. Annu Rev Genet. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-genet-021920-110200. PMID: 32867543.