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„Genes are not our fate“ – Robert Schneider talks about Epigenetics in MyLife

In the article “Genes are not our fate”, Prof. Robert Schneider from the Institute for Functional Epigenetics of the Helmholtz Zentrum München explains the scientific principles behind how our lifestyle can affect our health through Epigenetics.

In contrast to Genetics, Epigenetics is a rather young research field, which investigates the interplay between our genes and the environment. How and where we live, what we eat, and what we do have direct implications on our hereditary information through epigenetic mechanisms. Our hereditary information is a collection of genes that are the structural plans for proteins, which cells can produce on demand. Epigenetics functions like an ON and OFF switch for our genes and regulate which gene is active and consequently which proteins are produced. 

While our hereditary information is very stable, epigenetic mechanisms are flexible and can be adapted to our body needs as response to changing environments or lifestyles. 

In the recent issue of MyLife, a popular journal for health journalism, our Epigenetics expert Prof. Robert Schneider provided the journalist Nina Himmer the scientific information for her article “Genes are not our Fate”, which gives an excellent overview over the role of Epigenetics for our health and its implications in disease.

The article itself is available in German. Where you can get the journal, you can find out here.