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Best Poster Presentation award for Thomas Conlon at World Immune Regulation Meeting

Thomas Conlon was awarded with the GSK Best Poster Presentation at the 15th (digital) World Immune Regulation Meeting in June/July 2021. His award-winning work: “Macrophage induced ferroptotic cell death of epithelial cells drives COPD pathogenesis”

In his work Thomas Conlon demonstrates that pro-inflammatory macrophages can directly induce ferroptosis susceptibility of alveolar epithelial cells, potentially identifying novel therapeutic targets for COPD. The Background: The number of dying cells is increased in tissues from patients with COPD. There is increasing evidence that during the very first response to cigarette smoke (CS)-induced stress, a recently described form of cell death called ferroptosis can be initiated. The researchers discovered a direct link between macrophage presence in smoked lungs and the occurrence of ferroptotic cell death in alveolar epithelial lung cells.

Thomas Conlon is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Lab of Ali Önder Yildirim.