Scientific Focus

The Rinkevich lab wishes to identify fundamental cellular and molecular principles of tissue/organ regeneration and to develop a knowledge basis for therapeutic strategies in clinical use. The lab studies the cellular mechanisms, embryonic lineages and stem cells that underlie the wide spectrum of regenerative responses to tissue/organ injury. The lab is interested in regeneration’s multiple levels of biological organization including its developmental diversity and heterogeneity within an organism and its evolutionary aspects amongst diverse taxon groups.  To this purpose research in the lab combines state-of-the-art flow cytometry techniques, multi-color ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Tetrachimera’ mouse models, mouse genetics, single cell analysis, in silico approaches, and live imaging, with principles from embryology, developmental biology, and stem cell biology to disclose regenerations’ basic rules.  Our studies have been published in high impact peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, Nature Cell Biology, Developmental Cell, and Cell Reports, and highlighted in commentaries, perspectives, previews, and in multiple cover images.