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Winfried Möller Research Prize awarded at the 22nd Congress of ISAM

Otmar Schmid and Sunya Ashraf at ISAM-Congress 2019

Otmar Schmid and Benedikt Huck at ISAM-Congress 2019

The Winfried Möller Research Prize was awarded once to two young researchers at the 22nd Congress of the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM). This research award is dedicated to our esteemed former colleague Dr. Winfried Möller, who unfortunately passed away in September 2017 after a long illness. Numerous former colleagues and companions have contributed to the establishment of the Winfried Möller Research Prize by responding to the call for donations of the Institute of Lung Biology; the AtemWeg Foundation rounded up the donation to 1,000 euros.

Dr. Otmar Schmid, head of the research group Pulmonary Aeorosol Delivery at the ILBD / CPC, first reminded of the scientist Dr. Winfried Möller in his memorial lecture. As an interdisciplinary scientist, he successfully worked at the interface between biophysics and medicine. He distinguished himself with extremely high standards in terms of research quality, which he had achieved due to his remarkable perseverance, commitment and solution orientation.

In his capacity as a member of the jury, Dr. Otmar Schmid then presented the Winfried Möller Memorial Prize to two interdisciplinary young scientists from the ISAM community who also work successfully at the interface between medicine, aerosol sciences and biophysics: The physician Dr. Sunya Ashraf from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA was awarded for her clinical in vitro and in vivo studies on aerosol delivery to healthy volunteers and patients. Pharmacist Benedikt Huck from the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland received the award for his in vitro study without cells to investigate particle interaction at the air-liquid interface with clinical relevance. Both scientists distinguished themselves by their significant contributions, which were related to Winfried Möller's field of work.

This year's ISAM Congress in Montreux, Switzerland, was attended by about 400 international experts consisting of physicians, aerosol engineers, formulation scientists and representatives of technical authorities. The ISAM provided the perfect setting for the award ceremony, as Winfried Möller was a committed member of the ISAM for many years; he always felt at home there scientifically. The memory of Möller's life's work will continue to echo as the prize for young scientists is named after him.