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We firmly believe in scientists and research institutions joining forces against the corona pandemic - and this is what we have done. We also strongly believe in continuing all these innovative, groundbreaking research programmes and projects that make us and all the researchers around the globe who we are.

Naturally, we want to bring researchers together by continuing the discussion for all these great scientific challenges that are still out there and which should not be forgotten by the seriousness of the current health crisis. For the first time in modern history, a large majority of researchers all over the world are forced to leave their lab behind and work from a completely new setting, …… their home. Let's shorten the distances research is facing. Join our online-webinar series and let's keep talking about all the challenges we need to address.

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Prof. Dr. Heiko Lickert, Institute of Diabetes- and Regeneration Research

Virtual Seminar on March 10 from 3 pm to 4 pm

Virtual Seminar by Heiko Lickert About His New Discovery: "Inceptor - a Promising New Target for Diabetes Treatment?"

The Lickert lab discovered a novel and druggable insulin inhibitory receptor, named inceptor. This is a significant milestone for diabetes research as the scientific community celebrates 100 years of insulin and 50 years of insulin receptor discovery.

The blocking of inceptor function leads to an increased sensitisation of the insulin signaling pathway in pancreatic beta cells. This might allow protection and regeneration of beta cells for diabetes remission.

In the virtual seminar Lickert will dive deep into this discovery:

March 10, 2021
3 pm - 4 pm


Original Publication:
Ansarullah, Jain, C., Far, F.F. et al. Inceptor counteracts insulin signalling in β-cells to control glycaemia. Nature 590, 326–331 (2021).