Reference Number Asset Description Category Lead Indication(s) Development Stage Patent Situation
PLA17A11 Optoacoustic chemical microscopy Imaging/Device Broadband Prototype use and validation WO 2019/149744
PLA17A05 Risk score for patients to develop (pre)-symptomatic type 1 diabetes Biomarker/Algorithm Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Product development WO 2019/002364
PLA16A08 Early biomarkers for the diagnosis of bronchopulmonary dysplasia Biomarker Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) Product development WO 2018/091665
PLA17A08 Novel optoacoustic endoscope for diagnostic purposes Imaging/Device Broadband, Cancer Prototype development WO 2019/034633
PLA18A11 AI-driven procedure for drug response prediction in cancer Biomarker/Algorithm Cancer Validation PCT application filed
PLA19A19 Technology for large tissue labelling, clearing and transparency imaging Imaging/Algorithm Cancer Validation WO 2018/224289
PLA13A20 Activity-based Probes (ABP) for the detection and monitoring of MALT1-paracaspase activity Molecular Probe Cancer Validation WO 2015/110406
PLA15A03 Micro RNA signature predicting treatment outcome of glioblastoma patients Biomarker Cancer Validation WO 2017/109089
PLA15A21 Non-invasive organ-specific exosomal biomarkers for liquid biopsy Biomarker Diabetes Validation WO 2017/194499
PLA19A03 Method and device for imaging fluorescent proteins in near- and short-wave infrared Imaging/Device Broadband Validation Priority-establishing patent application filed
PLA19A04 System and method for real-time multicolor shortwave infrared fluorescence imaging Imaging/Device Broadband Validation Priority-establishing patent application filed