Scientific Focus

  • ISBM develops and deploys next-generation biotechniques for molecular sensing and actuation of distributed cellular processes to reverse engineer cell-circuit function and guide future cell therapies.

    The research of ISBM focuses on three synergistic areas: 

biomolecular engineering of sensors and actuators

genetic and cellular engineering of model systems

multiscale interrogation of cell-circuit-function


Image Name Job Title E-mail Telephone Building/Room
Prof. Dr. Westmeyer,
Gil Gregor
Director E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 2123 35.32/202
Laboratory manager E-mail +49(0)89 3187 2157 35.32/201
Ph.D. student E-mail 3532 / 003
MD Bodea,
Ph.D. student E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 49429 35.32/207
Ph.D. student E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 49429 35.32/207
Dr. Efremova,
Postdoctoral Fellow E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 43488 35.32/207
Master Student E-mail 35.32/003
Ph.D. student E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 43026 35.32/208
Trainee 35.32/003
HiWi E-mail 35.32/001
Dr. Sigmund,
Group Leader E-mail +49 (0)89 3187 2217 35.32/201
Dr. Truong,
Dong-Jiunn Jeffery
Group Leader E-mail +49 (0) 89 3187 3560 3532/003
Technical Assistant E-mail +49 89 3187 43023 35.32/208

We are grateful for our new ERC-COG funding!


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