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Selected list of recent publications

  • Löf Öhlin, Zarah, Pia Nyeng, Matthew Bechard, Katja Hess, Eric Bankaitis, Thomas U. Greiner, Jacqueline Ameri, Christopher V. Wright & Henrik Semb (2017). Context-specific regulation of apicobasal polarity by EGFR orchestrates epithelial morphogenesis and cellular fate. Nature Cell Biology, doi: 10.1038/ncb3628.

    An integral discovery uncovering a link between endocrine cell differentiation and the size of the endocrine progenitor’s apical domain.

  • Ameri, Jacqueline, Rehannah Borup, Christy Prawiro, Cyrille Ramond, Karen A. Schachter, Raphael Scharfmann & Henrik Semb (2017). Efficient Generation of Glucose-Responsive Beta Cells from Isolated GP2+ Human Pancreatic Progenitors. Cell Reports, 19(1), 36-49, doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2017.03.032.

    This study has identified a cell surface marker that selects pancreatic endoderm cells from heterogeneous cultures of hESC derived pancreatic epithelia. This pure population of pancreatic progenitors is able to give rise to functional beta cells and paves the way for cellular therapies to treat diabetes.

  • Funa, N.S*., Schachter, K.A*., Lerdrup, M., Ekberg, J., Hess, K., Dietrich, N., Honoré, C., Hansen, K., and Semb H. β-Catenin Regulates Primitive Streak Induction through Collaborative Interactions with SMAD2/SMAD3 and OCT4. Cell Stem Cell, 2015 Jun 4 16(6):639-52. *authors contributed equally.

    This study provides mechanistic insight into how Wnt signalling controls early cell lineage decisions.

  • Kesavan, G., Lieven, O., Mamidi, A., Öhlin, Z.L., Johansson, J.K., Li, W.C., Lommel, S., Greiner, T.U.,and Semb, H. Cdc42/N-WASP signaling links actin dynamics to pancreatic β cell delamination and differentiation. Development. Feb;141(3):685-96, 2014.

    Beta cell delamination and beta cell differentiation both require RhoGTPase Cdc42-mediated dismantling of cortical actin.

  • Wolfhagen Sand, F., Hörnblad, A., Johansson, J.K., Lorén, C., Edsbagge, J., Ståhlberg, A., Magenheim, J., Ilovich, O., Mishani, E., Dor,Y., Proia, R.L., Ahlgren, U. and Semb, H. Growth-limiting role of endothelial cells in endoderm development.Dev Biol, 15, 267-77, 2011.

    The discovery that endothelial cells limit progenitor cell expansion in several foregut-derived organs.
  • Fischer, Y., Ganic, E., Ameri, J., Xian, X., Johannesson, M. & Semb, H. (2010). NANOG reporter cell lines generated by gene targeting in human embryonic stem cells. PLoS One 5(9), doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0012533.
  • Ameri, J., Ståhlberg, A., Pedersen, J., Johansson, J.K., Johannesson, M., Artner, I., and Semb, H. FGF2 Specifies hESC-Derived Definitive Endoderm into Foregut/Midgut Cell Lineages in a Concentration Dependent Manner. Stem Cells, 28, 45-56, 2010.

    The identification of how FGF signalling in a concentration-dependent manner controls specification of hESC-derived definitive endoderm into liver, pancreas and lung endoderm.

  • Kesavan, G., Wolfhagen Sand, F., Greiner, T., Johansson, J., Kobberup, S., Wu, X., Brakebusch, C., and Semb, H. Cdc42-mediated tubulogenesis controls cell specification. Cell, 139, 791-801, 2009.

    The identification of the molecular machinery that controls tube formation and how tubes controls cell specification.