Press Release


“Best Paper of the Year 2017” to Dr. Tobias Stöger and Prof. Dr. Heiko Adler with their teams.

Tobias Stöger and Prof. Flemming Cassee; ©ILBD/CPC

The journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology awarded the teams of Dr. Tobias Stöger from the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease (ILBD)/Comprehensive Pneumology Center (CPC) and Prof. Dr. Heiko Adler from the Research Unit Lung Repair and Regeneration (LRR) for the ‘Best Paper of the Year 2017’ for their work “Nanoparticle exposure reactivates latent herpesvirus and restores a signature of acute infection”. This award was given to the best research project that was published in the journal in 2017 at the 9th International Conference on Nanotoxicology (NanoTox) held from 18 to 21 Sept 2018 in Neuss (, Germany.


In this scientific achievement, the teams of researchers led by Stöger (ILBD) and Adler (LRR), together with their colleagues Prof. Dr. Schmitt-Kopplin (BGC) and Prof. Dr. Beckers (IEG) showed that under conditions of persistent herpesvirus infection, the second hit by nanoparticle exposure restores a molecular signature characteristic for acute virus infection. Nanoparticle exposure boosted the production of viral proteins and induced an inflammatory response in the lung – a pattern which might finally result in severe tissue damage and long-term harm.


Stöger is the head of the research group “Dynamics of Pulmonary Inflammation” at the  ILBD since 2009 and conducts research focusing on mechanisms of sterile inflammation triggered by (nano)particle-cell interactions in the lung. Adler's research group “Lung Infection and Repair” at the LRR investigates gammaherpesvirus pathogenesis, in particular the role of gammaherpesvirus infection in the pathophysiology of chronic lung diseases.



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