Plant Genome and Systems Biology (PGSB)

The Plant Genome and Systems biology group lead by Klaus Mayer has been involved in the development and implementation of plant genome oriented bioinformatics since the inception of the field. The group has provided essential contributions to the analysis of the milestone Arabidopsis thaliana genome, the first published plant genome. It has additionally led and/or contributed to other well studied plant genomes, ranging from classical model systems to crops with large and complex genomes (maize, rice, tomato, Medicago, Brachypodium, sorghum, barley, wheat) in both German and international collaborations.

Research Interests:

Genomic analysis including structural and functional annotation of genes, transposable elements, transcribed regions and promotor regions

Alliance of genomic-structural data with functional data for advanced functional studies

Comparative genomics analyses

Systems biology approaches to analyse and understand the interplay of the various genomic components

Development of genome information for a variety of plant genomes and studies circuits and regulators that underlie biological phenomena