Research at the institute

The institute's research activities focus on the molecular understanding of virus-host interactions. Based on this understanding, we develop and improve therapeutic strategies for viral infections and related diseases. We are mainly interested in persistent viruses, which may cause chronic diseases such as AIDS or viral hepatitis. We also investigate viruses as inherited risk factors for diseases and exploit viruses as vaccine vectors and therapeutic tools.

To translate basic science findings into prevention and therapy of viral diseases, we join our forces with the Institute of Virology at the Technische Universität München and closely collaborate with its university hospital „Rechts der Isar“.

Hot Topics

  • New Paper:

    Dynamics of spike-and nucleocapsid specific immunity during long-term follow-up and vaccination of SARS-CoV-2 convalescents

    Nina Koerber 1,12, Alina Priller 2,12, Sarah Yazici 2,12, Tanja Bauer 1,3,12, Cho-Chin Cheng1,Hrvoje Mijočević1, Hannah Wintersteller 2, Samuel Jeske1, Emanuel Vogel 1, Martin Feuerherd1, Kathrin Tinnefeld1, Christof Winter 4, Jürgen Ruland 4, Markus Gerhard 5, Bernhard Haller 6, Catharina Christa 1, Otto Zelger7, Hedwig Roggendorf2, Martin Halle7, Johanna Erber8, Paul Lingor9, Oliver Keppler 10,3, Dietmar Zehn 11, Ulrike Protzer 1,3,12 & Percy A. Knolle 2,3,12


    Three exposures to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 by either infection or vaccination elicit superior neutralizing immunity to all variants of concern

    Paul R. Wratil, Marcel Stern, Alina Priller, Annika Willmann, Giovanni Almanzar, Emanuel Vogel, Martin Feuerherd, Cho-Chin Cheng, Sarah Yazici, Catharina Christa, Samuel Jeske, Gaia Lupoli, Tim Vogt, Manuel Albanese, Ernesto Mejías-Pérez, Stefan Bauernfried, Natalia Graf, Hrvoje Mijocevic, Martin Vu, Kathrin Tinnefeld, Jochen Wettengel, Dieter Hoffmann, Maximilian Muenchhoff, Christopher Daechert, Helga Mairhofer, Stefan Krebs, Volker Fingerle, Alexander Graf, Philipp Steininger, Helmut Blum, Veit Hornung, Bernhard Liebl, Klaus Überla, Martina Prelog, Percy Knolle, Oliver T. Keppler & Ulrike Protzer




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