Research Unit

Overview of third party funded projects

Projects, we are currently involved

  • BMU

    Detection of radiation-induced gene alterations in breast cancer for an improved assessment of radiation-related risks.  Radiocarcinogenesis group
  • European Commission
    • EpiRadBio – Combining epidemiology and radiobiology to assess cancer risks in the breast, lung, thyroid and digestive tract after exposures to ionizing radiation with total doses in the order of 100 mSV or below. Integrative Biology Group
    • DoReMi, INT-Thyr – Integrating radiation biomarker into epidemiology of post-Chernobyl thyroid cancer from Belarus. Radiocarcinogenesis group
    • OPERRA – Open project for the European radiation research area for the definition of research priorities being used in horizon 2020. Integrative Biology Group

Finished projects

  • German Cancer Aid Foundation

    Detection of novel genetic markers for risk stratification in papillary thyroid carcinomas.
  • European Commission
    GENRISK-T – Defining the genetic component of the low dose risk of thyroid cancer.
  • BMBF (KVSF – Competence network for Radiation research)
    Individual radiation sensitivity and genomic instability – implications for cancer risk.