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Matthias Tunger Photodesign

Carsten Marr

Director Institute of AI for Health

“Our interdisciplinary teams between computational researches and biomedical and clinical experts are key for progress in health AI”.


“Our interdisciplinary teams of computational researches and clinical experts are key for progress in health AI”


Research Focus

My lab tries to foster the understanding and diagnosis of severe blood diseases. To that end, we develop bespoke machine learning algorithms for the classification of single cells and patients. We also exploit the prior knowledge about haematopoiesis, the production of blood cells, to model time resolved data with mechanistic mathematical models. Merging the power of AI with our knowledge on biomedical systems is one of our current challenges.

Skills & Expertise

Machine learningMechanistic modelling

Single cell profilingComputational hematopathology

Professional Background


Head of AI for Health


Deputy director at the Institute of Computational Biology


Helmholtz Munich / Modeling stem cell kinetics

Honors and Awards

  • 2017: Erwin-Schrödinger Prize

  • 2017: CSB2 Prize in Systems Biology

  • 2019: ERC Consolidator

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