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Grant Proposals

Enhance your grant proposal and strengthen its credibility. Benefit from our expertise in data analysis and statistical implementation.

Enhance your grant proposal and strengthen its credibility. Benefit from our expertise in data analysis and statistical implementation.

General Information

Our diverse team specialises in a wide array of scientific topics. Our full range of consulting services can be found here.

Depending on the specifics of the proposal and our capacity, we may be able to offer a partnership in which our service is offered for free or at a reduced fee. Requirements:

  • The inclusion of the Core Facility Statistical Consulting as a collaborative partner in the grant.
  • The formulation of an ambitious scientific proposal characterised by judiciously assessed prospects of success.
  • A sufficiently extensive statistical and computational component within the proposed grant.
  • Active engagement and collaboration with our experts in the areas of data analysis and computation upon approval of the grant and throughout the project.

If you are interested, please send us an email. A member of our team will come back to you shortly after.

Our Goals

If a study is poorly conceived, any effects may be impossible to detect at the analysis stage. Our expertise in methods helps direct the appropriate choice of study design, allowing for results that are as clear and impactful as possible.

An insufficiency structured approach to data collection frequently results in issues and inaccuracies during data analysis, making corrections challenging, costly, or impossible. The awareness of potential pitfalls and conception of a suitable data structure for subsequent analyses informs the data collection process and results in robust and effective analyses and results.

Often a method is ill suited to a dataset due to structural issues or the violation of assumptions. The careful selection of methods, taking all relevant factors into account, ensures that results are correct, and unbiased.

Our mathematical and statistical expertise ensures that methods and results sections are clearly written and that findings are put in the right context, highlighting important strengths and limitations.

Journals often have stringent requirements for statistical analyses. Providing statistical advice throughout the entire process, from grant proposal to publication, helps to avoid rejection or a complicated review process.

The inclusion of statistical expertise in a grant proposal lends it credibility and improves its chances of satisfying reviewers and funding agencies.


We are a team of skilled statisticians and mathematicians. Our research focus is health, in which we publish most of our work. Nonetheless, our expertise is not limited to a specific scientific sector, as our team members have experience across various fields.

Our partnerships are not limited to research institutes; we have also forged successful ties with industry partners. We do, however, work solely on scientific questions.

We bring extensive experience in statistical consulting and the preparation of grant proposals, having successes both as a group and as individual academics, demonstrating our adeptness in navigating the intricacies of the grant proposal process.

Our Contact

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Core Facility Statistical Consulting

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