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Statistical Consulting Tokens

Are you a doctoral researcher at HELENA and seeking precise statistical guidance? We understand that navigating the complexities of data analysis and interpretation can be challenging.

We are pleased to present the Statistical Consulting Tokens program, a comprehensive offer tailored exclusively for doctoral researchers seeking specialized statistical help. This offer is fully funded by HELENA, and eligible doctoral researchers are granted three one-hour consulting tokens for one-on-one consultations with experienced statisticians at the Core Facility Statistical Consulting without additional charges.

If you would like to receive statistical advice from us by using a token, please fill in the application form as detailed as possible.

We will process your request as soon as possible and arrange an appointment for the consulting hour.

Applicant should be a doctoral researcher at HELENA or HMGU.

The Core Facility will consider up to three applications per doctoral researcher during course of their PhD. 

Candidates are required to submit a request using the application form. The application is designed to ensure that the participants receive appropriate help from the Core Facility Statistical Consulting.  The Core Facility will ensure that everyone has a fair chance, and no discrimination is exercised during the allocation process. 

The language of communication will be English.

The contribution of the Core Facility Statistical Consulting should be recognized in an appropriate way (e.g., acknowledgement or co-authorship). If during the course of the coaching program, the contribution/s of the coach exceeds beyond the activities covered by an acknowledgment, the co-authorship should be discussed and decided. Before submission, manuscripts must be sent to the Core Facility for approval.  

The Helmholtz Munich Core Facilities Publication Policy generally applies.

The doctoral researcher should ensure the anonymization of any sensitive data (in particular personal data), as well as make sure that any necessary data protection rules are followed. Data should not contain any identifying characteristics such as name, date of birth or address when transferred to the Core Facility for Statistical Consulting. In the case that such anonymization is not possible, please contact us via e-mail in advance so that the necessary data protection agreements can be made in advance. 

This program is an offer to enhance the research quality at Helmholtz Munich. The Core Facility holds the right to discontinue the services in case of extreme circumstances, or other unforeseen reasons.