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DZD Next Award 2023_KI-Erweiterung
Helmholtz Munich | ©DZD Next

DZD Awards: Honors For Young Helmholtz-Munich Researchers

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Every year, the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) honors young researchers at the beginning of their careers with a DZD Award. This internal award recognizes outstanding scientific achievements in applied or clinical research presented at diabetes conferences in the form of posters or lectures. Six of the ten prizewinners conduct research at Helmholtz Munich.

The young talents receive the DZD Award for outstanding conference contributions and one prize is awarded for the best achievement in the field of science communication. The awards are endowed with €1000 each. This award is granted annually by the DZD NEXT Board. DZD NEXT is the DZD's program for the promotion of young scientists.

The following Helmholtz Munich Researchers receive the award:

Outstanding Young Investigator

Melis Akgün (Helmholtz Munich) | Videoportrait

Maike Becker (Helmholtz Munich) | Videoportrait

Tobias Greisle (Helmholtz Munich) | Videoportrait

Phong Nguyen (Helmholtz Munich) | Videoportrait

Eunike S.A. Setyono (Helmholtz Munich) | Videoportrait

Best Science Communicator

Gemma Comas-Armangué (Helmholtz Munich) | Videoportrait