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Helmholtz Munich / Carolin Jacklin

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bruns

Principal Investigator Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

Research Area

Vision: short-wave infrared region (SWIR) is the future of optical imaging

My vision is that in 10 years, SWIR imaging is going to be the gold standard for preclinical and clinical imaging. Every research center and every major clinic will have SWIR detection systems and use novel contrast agents like the ones which I plan to develop with my team and collaborators. This new generation of optical imaging techniques will enable preclinical contact-free imaging in awake and behaving mice and in the future clinical imaging with single cell sensitivity and penetration depth up to centimeters.

Professional Background

Since 2022

full professor at the NCT/UCC in Dresden

since 2018

Principal Investigator Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Helmholtz Munich


Research Scientist (Senior Scientist), Department of Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Postdoctoral Associate in the group of Prof. Moungi Bawendi at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Senior Scientist at Heinrich-Pette-Institute Hamburg/Germany

Honors and Awards

  • Emmy Noether Group leader DFG

  • EMBO Long-Term Fellowship
    2011 - 2013

  • DAAD fellowship (declined in favour of EMBO Long-term Fellowship)

  • ‘Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes’ Fellowship
    2006 - 2009

  • Travel grant for the World Molecular Imaging Congress

  • EMBL Advanced Training Centre Fellowship (Travel grant) and Dr. Wilhelmy-GSO-Fellowship (Travel grant)

  • SPOT award by MIT School of Science and Travel grant by MIT PDA

  • Karl-Heinz Hölzer Award for Interdisciplinary Medical Research (PhD-Thesis)

  • Young Investigator Award, 77th European Atherosclerosis Congress, 2008, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Young Investigator Award, 30th annual Meeting of European Lipoprotein Club, Tutzing, Germany

  • Award for the best diploma thesis in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • Spokesman of the Student Committee of the 'GBM' (German Biochemical Society)
    2004 - 2008

Gold Star Awards Luxury Background
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