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Chinnapong -

Dr. Gencer Sancar

Senior Scientist

My research interests

Our research group uses cell culture systems to investigate signalling processes regulated by phosphorylation. The methods used include the yeast-2-hybrid system, expression cloning, transfection, confocal immunofluorescence and the analysis of physiological parameters such as glucose transport or cellular transformation.


Ongoing projects (selection):

Tyrosine phosphatases: PTPalpha and its role in insulin signalling and transformation by Src kinases.

aPKC and Akt kinases: Modulation of insulin signalling by binding proteins and phosphorylated substrates.

Kinesins: effects of intracellular organelle transport on metabolic functions

CDCP1: a Src-binding transmembrane adaptor protein and its role in cellular transformation

Fields of Work and Expertise

Transcription factors Transcription ChIP-Sequencing Genomics Gene Expression Epigenetics Circadian Clocks 

Professional Background

since 2022

Group Leader at the for Diabetes Research and Metabolic Diseases


PostDoc at Salk Institute for Biological Studies


PhD at Heidelberg University (Biochemistry Center)


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