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FASEB Biological Methylation Conference: bringing basic biochemical findings to therapy organized by R. Schneider


Experts from academia and the pharmaceutical industry came together at “The Biological Methylation Conference: Fundamental Mechanism in Human Health and Disease” in Catania to share new exciting results about protein and RNA methylations as well as the latest progress in drug development.

This year’s FASEB meeting on Biological Methylation took place in Catania, Sicily, and was dedicated to DNA, RNA, and protein methylation and their role in diseases. For 4.5 days, the meeting brought together over 100 distinguished scientists from all over the world at the foot of Europe’s highest, active volcano the Etna.

The conference organizers Robert Schneider from the Institute of Functional Epigenetics (IFE) at Helmholtz Munich and Ernesto Guccione from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York were delighted with the very fruitful interactions and exciting discussions taking place at the meeting. “After more than two years of virtual meetings, it was great to experience again the special atmosphere of in-person meetings.”, said Robert Schneider. “We had the chance to see a lot of exciting, unpublished data and also promising progress with new inhibitors targeting methyltransferases in clinical trials.”

The keynote lectures were given by Cheryl Arrowsmith from Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) Toronto and Or Gozani from Stanford University. Both are well-known for their research contributions in the field of Epigenetics and for developing new therapeutics targeting methylations. In addition, the meeting featured 23 talks by invited speakers from academia and industry that triggered many interesting discussions on the latest findings in the field. A guided tour on the Etna and a winetasting complemented the science at the “The Biological Methylation Conference” in Catania.