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The presence of secretion systems by which the so-called ‘effector-proteins’ can be injected into the host’s cytosol to interact with host proteins and modulate molecular pathways is a unique feature of proteobacteria.

We analyze the protein-protein interaction network of effector proteins from (commensal) microbes with the host interactome to understand which processes and disease modules are targeted by this underexplored molecular mechanism. We identify effectors and secretion systems in microbial reference genomes and meta-genome datasets.



ERANET funding - HDHL INTIMIC “Interrelation of the Intestinal Microbiome, Diet and Health”: The role of diet-dependent human microbiome encoded T3SS-dependent effectors in modulating health- DIME

Exploiting breakdown in nonhost effector-target interactions to boost host disease resistance.                                                                         

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