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Hansen Lab

About our Research

"The management and analysis of increasingly large amounts of research data is of enormous importance for the understanding of fundamental metabolic processes, their regulation and the subsequent development of innovative approaches to disease therapy."

The Bioinformatics team at the MCD develops informatics infrastructures for the management of data and performs gene function analysis, the analysis of high-throughput and omics data, the modeling of genetic and protein interaction networks, and of statistical data. We develop databases and software tools for data storage, data exchange and data visualization, and software to assist in the design of genome-wide gene editing experiments and the evaluation of RNA guide sequences for the CRISPR/Cas9 system. In addition, we work on the modeling of genetic interactions and extend regulatory networks by predicting genetic interactions using high-throughput gene expression data and in-silico promoter analysis based on sophisticated statistical analysis

PI of Bioinformatics

Dr. Jens Hansen

Group Leader

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Dr. Jens Hansen

Group Leader