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Prof. Dr. Julia Anne Schnabel
Helmholtz Munich | Matthias Tunger Photodesign

AI.BAY 2023


Artificial intelligence is increasingly shaping our daily lives. From digital assistants on cell phones to complex systems in mobility or industrial production - it is impossible to imagine life without this key technology.

  • The first day, organized in form of a colourful and diverse single-session congress, is dedicated to present and discuss the broad spectrum of AI. It covers a wide range of topics including new trends in research, AI use cases in real life and ethical implications of this key technology. The program of the first day is comprehensible not only for AI experts, but for the AI-interested public.                                                                                                                       
  • The second day comprises the main scientific symposium. Leading AI researchers present their latest findings and invite you to discuss new scientific trends and applications in more depth. On this second day, the conference will be divided into three parallel sessions to allow a deeper dive into the following areas: AI and Life – Robotics, Engineering and Mobility – AI and Data Science.

Julia Schnabel will participate as an expert at the AI.BAY 2023 conference.