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Comenius-Edumedia-Award 2021

Comenius EduMedia Medal for the "Fit in Gesundheitsfragen" Project Team

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The "Fit in Gesundheitsfragen" project team at Helmholtz Zentrum München has been awarded the Comenius EduMedia Medal for their e-learning modules on diabetes. The Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI) awards the medal for outstanding multimedia products and educational media in terms of pedagogy, content or design in work, training, school, culture and leisure. Approximately 200 applicants from eight European countries submitted their digital educational products, with the EduMedia Medal being awarded to 19 outstanding products from four countries.

The development of the e-learning modules for students of general education schools took place in cooperation with the development company ITS Training GmbH.

Watch here a short <link - extern>video</link> of the laudation and award ceremony.

The web-based exercises of the project team at Helmholtz Zentrum München convinced the jury above all because of their consistency and the coordinated and interlocking elements - both in terms of content, didactic-pedagogical and design-technical aspects. "It's a pleasure to see how even the little things have been thought of," emphasized Dr. Daniel Becker, jury member of GPI, in his congratulatory speech. "Theory and practice are combined in an exemplary manner. The learning content acquired can be wonderfully continued and expanded in face-to-face teaching," said Becker.

The modules are geared toward the lower, middle and upper grades of general education schools and build up on each other in terms of content. Students can work through the content independently in about ten minutes of learning time. In addition, the web-based training units can also be used to supplement <link - extern>conventional teaching materials</link> from the "Fit in Gesundheitsfragen" project. In terms of content, the materials deal with practical questions from the students' lives, such as apps and other digital applications on exercise and nutrition or, for example, the important question "Class trip despite diabetes - is that possible?"

The e-learning modules and all other teaching materials are provided on the website of the national diabetes information portal <link - extern></link>, which is operated by Helmholtz Zentrum München together with the German Center for Diabetes Research and the German Diabetes Center in Düsseldorf.

About the project

"Fit in Gesundheitsfragen" is a joint project of Helmholtz Zentrum München and the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and is funded by the Helmholtz Association. The goal is to sustainably strengthen the health education of schoolchildren. To this end, the team develops digital as well as traditional teaching materials that can be used as a modular system with different modules in secondary levels I and II and are aligned with the current curriculum. In addition, nationwide <link - extern>online training courses for teachers</link> are offered on a regular basis.

About the Comenius EduMedia Award 2021

The Comenius EduMedia Awards are among the most established European awards in the e-learning industry. The winners are determined by an international jury after didactic and scientifically based assessment in a vendor neutral two-stage evaluation process.