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Gordon Research Conference: Chromatin Modifications in Health and Disease


The Gordon Research Conference "Chromatin Modifications in Health and Disease", co-organised by Robert Schneider, will take place from June 11-16,2023, at Bryant University in Rhode Island. The deadline for abstract submission is on May 14, 2023.


The five days long Histone and DNA Modifications GRC focuses on advancing the frontiers of epigenetics by bringing together distinguished speakers and experts from all over the world to present and discuss cutting-edge and unpublished research and fosters new and lasting collaborations and informal interactions among scientists of all career stages. 

The 2023 GRC "Chromatin Modifications in Health and disease" is organized by Robert Schneider from the Institute for Functional Epigenetics at Helmholtz Munich and Shannon Lauberth from the Northwestern University and is dedicated to topics histone lysine modifications, crosstalk of histone post-translatational modifications, chromatin biology and DNA and RNA modifications, molecular mechanisms of nucleosome modifications, the role of histone, DNA and RNA Modifications in Human diseases, and Epigenetic therapeutics.

Further information can be find here.