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Helmholtz Munich and DDN Receive 2023 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award

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The cooperation between DDN and Helmholtz Munich has been recognized for its work in accelerating AI-driven discoveries that deliver concrete benefits to society and human health.

DDN®, a company focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-cloud data management solutions, has been selected alongside Helmholtz Munich as a winner of the 2023 AI Breakthrough Awards for the “Best AI-based Solution for Life Sciences” category. DDN and Helmholtz Munich were recognized for their work in accelerating AI-driven discoveries that deliver concrete benefits to society and human health.

Researchers at Helmholtz Munich develop cutting-edge biomedical solutions and technologies for the world of tomorrow. The research integrates AI methodologies and spans multiple data-intensive computational applications like decoding plant genomes, tissue sample testing or creature and epidemiology cohort studies. Helmholtz Munich’s scientists continuously pursue new ways to solve complex problems faster and turned to DDN’s parallel file system technology to keep up with research demands.

“The work that Helmholtz Munich is doing is making strides in scientific discovery and is poised to help change the world for the better. With DDN’s expertise, world-class customer support and high-performing and reliable architecture, I can provide the best data storage solutions to my researchers, helping them continue their work without disruption today, and well into the future,” said Dr. Alf Wachsmann, head of DigIT Infrastructure & Scientific Computing at Helmholtz Munich. “It is an honor to be recognized alongside DDN as a winner of the AI Breakthrough Awards, and it's a testament to our commitment to promoting and fostering a healthier society."

“DDN’s parallel file system technology was built to tackle today’s most demanding AI end-to-end requirements at any scale, delivering the highest performance efficiency straight into generative AI, machine learning and other enterprise high-performance applications,” said Tommaso Cecchi, senior director of sales EMEA at DDN. “We are thrilled to receive the AI Breakthrough Award for our role in helping Helmholtz Munich meet its researchers’ evolving AI and data-intensive workload demands by delivering solutions that allow its researchers to focus on the scientific discoveries that improve the world of tomorrow.”

In its 6th year, the AI Breakthrough Awards program honors excellence, innovation, hard work and success in technological and product leadership in a range of AI and machine learning related categories. This year’s program attracted more than 3,000 nominations globally.

“While generative AI is grabbing headlines, other promising applications like sophisticated new protein and molecule creations for drug discovery and autonomous driving are also driving the need for efficient, dependable performance that can readily scale,” said James Johnson, managing director, AI Breakthrough. “DDN AI storage offers purpose-built infrastructure that is designed to accommodate the data-hungry workflows and research that is being conducted at Helmholtz Munich. Together, DDN and Helmholtz Munich are trailblazing their way through Life Science discovery, and we are thrilled to recognize DDN and Helmholtz Munich in the 2023 AI Breakthrough Awards program.”


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About DDN

DDN is the world’s largest private data storage company and the leading provider of intelligent technology and infrastructure solutions for enterprise at scale, AI and analytics, HPC, government, and academia customers. Through its DDN and Tintri divisions, the company delivers AI, data management software and hardware solutions, and unified analytics frameworks to solve complex business challenges for data-intensive, global organizations. DDN provides its enterprise customers with the most flexible, efficient and reliable data storage solutions for on-premises and multi-cloud environments at any scale. Over the last two decades, DDN has established itself as the data management provider of choice for over 11,000 enterprises, government, and public-sector customers, including many of the world’s leading financial services firms, life science organizations, manufacturing and energy companies, research facilities, and web and cloud service providers.

About Helmholtz Munich

Helmholtz Munich is a leading biomedical research center. Its mission is to discover breakthrough solutions for better health in a rapidly changing world. It is home to interdisciplinary research teams investigating the development of environmentally triggered diseases. With the power of artificial intelligence and bioengineering, the researchers accelerate the translation process to patients in the areas of therapy and prevention with a focus on diabetes, obesity, allergies and chronic lung diseases. Helmholtz Munich has more than 2,500 employees and is headquartered in Neuherberg, north of Munich. It is a member of the Helmholtz Association, the largest scientific organization in Germany with more than 43,000 employees and 18 research centers.