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ITN RepliFate
Amelie J. Kraus

Helmholtz Munich is part of the new Innovative Training Network “RepliFate”

Stem Cells, IES,

The EU funds a new Innovative Training Network (ITN) in the field of DNA replication, cell fate, and cancer with Helmholtz Munich as a beneficiary. The ITN will investigate the role of DNA replication as a determinant of cell fate and cancer.

Innovative Training Network (ITNs) are Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions of the European Commission to develop talents and advance research. Alongside nine other European institutions, Helmholtz Munich, represented by Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla, is a beneficiary of the new ITN “RepliFate – DNA replication at the heart of cell fate decisions and cancer development”.

The process of DNA replication ensures that every cell within an organism contains the same hereditary information. Through the development of novel technologies, research has expanded the knowledge in the field of DNA replication over the recent years. The ITN “RepliFate” will focus on the central role of DNA replication in chromatin biology, cell fate, and in malignant cellular transformations in disease progression, including cancer.

The key pillars of the training network are inclusion, creativity and communication. The overall goal of RepliFate is to give rise to the next generation of scientific excellence that will drive societal change and improve health in the European society.