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How AI Is Revolutionizing Medicine


Medicine is on the verge of another revolution: Artificial intelligence supports doctors in analyzing X-ray and ultrasound images and in improving diagnostics and treatment. Researchers in Germany are also successfully working on novel solutions, and good access to data is important in the process.

This is the story of an unusual treasure hunt. The treasure is not to be found in the forest, but among all the data that constantly accumulates in the healthcare system: Blood pressure measurements, blood values, oxygen saturation, for example, or blood cells examined under the microscope, ultrasound and MRI scans. Unlike a normal treasure hunt, the value only becomes apparent when as much data as possible is examined in detail. The treasure consists of new information captured by computer programs that learn on their own and become better and better. The use of artificial intelligence in medicine will be one of the dominant giant topics in health research over the next few years. Where are we and what are the prospects?