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Podcast: AI-Ready Healthcare


By Anirban Mukhopadhyay


Podcast is a great clinical culture for Knowledge dissemination, constructive arguments & deep discussions. One more way in which the MICCAI community is different from those who we serve. Introducing "AI-ready Healthcare", Anirban Mukhopadhyay's podcast to bridge this gap. He invites fellow researchers from both communities to talk about the translational aspects of AI research into clinical care. Often they converse with his co-host Henry Krumb.

Julia Schnabel is the Professor for Computational Imaging and AI in Medicine at TUM (TUM Liesel Beckmann Distinguished Professorship), jointly with Helmholtz Center Munich (Helmholtz Distinguished Professorship).

Her research focuses on intelligent imaging solutions and computer aided evaluation, including complex motion modelling, image reconstruction, image quality control, image segmentation and classification, applied to multi-modal, quantitative and dynamic imaging.

She is the co-general chair of MICCAI 2024, the first MICCAI in Africa.She often Tweets @ja_schnabel.

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