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Dr. Lara Urban

Principal Investigator Helmholtz Pioneer Campus
+49 89 3187 49282Email meBuilding/Room: 58

Research Area

Lara's research interest lies in the integration of genomic, statistical and computational approaches to drive the development of an accurate and efficient data-driven approach for the conservation of One Health in general and of biodiversity in particular.  She obtained her PhD from EMBL-EBI and the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, in 2019, where she worked on statistical and quantitative approaches in cancer and single-cell genetics. As an independent Research Fellow in New Zealand funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Lara then combined this expertise with her background in ecology, and applied genomics and machine learning in the context of nature conservation. In 2022, Lara obtained a Helmholtz Principal Investigator Grant to start her own research group at the Helmholtz AI Institute and the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus with a faculty position at the Technical University of Munich. 

Lara strongly believes in the Helmholtz Association's goals to promote the democratisation of science for a data-driven future, and to transform new scientific findings into actual societal benefits. She actively pursues extra-scientific engagements, for example through her roles in the eLife Early-Career Advisory Group, European Reference Genome Atlas council, IUCN Conservation Genetics Specialist Group or Accessible Genomics initiative.

Lara has just been named the Young Scientist of the Year 2022 by the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers. 


Professional Background

Since 2022

Principal Investigator Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Helmholtz Munich


Independent Humboldt Research Fellow at the Departments of Mathematics & Statistics and Anatomy, University of Otago, New Zealand

Honors and Awards

  • Recipient of the Nachwuchswissenschaftler (Young Scientist) of the year 2022
    award by academics and the Deutsche Hochschulverband (DHV) (2023)

  • Recipient of Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

  • Finalist in the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards

  • Invitation to the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

  • Recipient of International EMBL PhD Fellowship

  • Awards for Distinction in Bachelor and Master, and Award for Outstanding Master's thesis
    2013 / 2015

  • Recipient of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation Scholarships for Bachelor and Master studies
    2010 / 2013

Gold Star Awards Luxury Background
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Networks and Affiliations

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