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Dr. Francesco Paolo Casale

Principal Investigator Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

Research Area

Francesco Paolo Casale studied physics at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. He received his PhD in statistical genetics at the University of Cambridge and the European Bioinformatics Institute in 2016, where he developed new computational methods for genetic association studies and contributed to landmark international projects such as the last phase of the 1000 Genomes Project and the Blueprint initiative. He conducted his postdoctoral studies at the Microsoft Research New England lab in Boston, working on deep generative models for imaging genetics and automated machine learning. In 2019, he joined insitro, a drug discovery and development company located in the bay area. There, he led the statistical genetics team, working at the intersection of human genetics, machine learning and functional genomics to enable target identification and characterization. Since January 2022, he is a Principal Investigator in Machine Learning in Biomedicine at the Helmholtz Munich Institute AI for Health.

Professional Background

Since 2021

Principal Investigator Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, Helmholtz Munich


Senior Staff Data Scientist Insitro, South San Francisco, CA, USA


Postdoctoral Fellow Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge; MA, USA


EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK

Honors and Awards

  • Highly Recognized article in PloS Genetics Research Prize

  • Postdoctoral fellowship at Microsoft Research New England

  • EMBL studentship

  • MSc and BSc degrees with honors from Università di Napoli Federico II
    2009 / 2012

Gold Star Awards Luxury Background
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Networks and Affiliations

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