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Theodoros Kapellos, LHI/CPC
Helmholtz Munich / Matthias Tunger

ERS short-term research fellowship for Theodoros Kapellos


LHI/CPC group leader Theodoros Kapellos will have a great opportunity for international scientific exchange this year 2023. He applied for a short-term research fellowship at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and was accepted.

For 3 months he will stay in Sydney, Australia in the lab of Prof. Phil M. Hansbro. There, he will learn how to analyze a metagenomics dataset (microbiome analysis) that he generated at the LHI/CPC. The ERS will cover his travel costs and living expenses in Australia for this period.

“This is a great opportunity”, says Theodoros Kapellos, “because I can expand my network in the field of obstructive airway diseases and I can take up new skills that I will apply in my future work and transfer to collaborations with colleagues at the LHI/CPC”. 

The ERS supports early career scientists to carry out projects lasting between 1-3 months at research institutions abroad. The programme enables fellows to access and learn research techniques that are not available at the fellows' home institutions, supporting the exchange of knowledge and best practices across institutes.

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