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Helmholtz Munich | Doris Hammerschmidt

LHI Postdoc Aicha Jeridi in "Resonator", the podcast of the Helmholtz Association.

Environmental Health, LHI,

Loitering lung cells and cell death in COPD, female researchers with hijab, and the podcast host's concern after 20 years of cigarette use: the new episode of "Resonator" is an extraordinary conversation about Aicha Jeridi's research at the Institute of Lung Health and Immunity (LHI, Helmholtz Munich). 

In particular, the podcast episode is about the complexity of the lungs, Dr. Jeridi's research on the development of COPD, ferroptosis, and how this cell death type ravages the alveoli. But not only this. In a broad, increasingly exciting arc, moderator Holger Klein discusses with the young scientist the promising research results that could first stop and eventually cure the incurable COPD. Aicha Jeridi, a native of Tunisia also talks about why science is a "safer space" for hijab-wearing women and why smoking is such a harmful habit that should be avoided from the beginning on. 

Listen, subscribe or download Resonator Podcast Episode 192, "Ferroptosis and COPD" here (german!)

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