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Pint of Science Squishy balls 2 Small
Helmholtz Munich | Doris Hammerschmidt

Why pneumology has to come a-lung quickly!


Breathtaking presentations of LHI/CPC scientists at Pint of Science Munich

What size is the surface of the human lung? Why does it take so long to get from basic research to a drug that fights incurable lung diseases? These and many other questions were answered at the Pint of Science Event at the “Gans am Wasser” in Munich Westpark. With great enthusiasm, many pictures, videos and gadgets like the Alveoli-style “squishy balls” (see above) the three LHI/CPC students made science tangible, understandable.

Many Thanks go to:

  • Aakruti Nayak (PhD Student in Hilgendorff Lab)          
  • Camille Barro (PhD Student in Stöger Lab)                   
  • Jeanine Chantal Pestoni (PhD Student in Burgstaller Lab)             “

With many excited spectators, an impressive location at the open-air café “Gans am Wasser”, Pint of Science was a joyful and intense experience for all participants. This definitely has to be repeated!

In the second part of the Pint of Science evening, two LHI/CPC scientists explained what they are currently doing to catch up and cure chronic lung diseases – and why this is a long and winding way. Aicha Jeridi, Postdoc in the Conlon/Yildirim Lab talked about her project to stop a certain form of cell death in COPD. Michael Gerckens, clinician scientist in Burgstaller Lab described his new developed miniaturized cell culture system that he used to screen tens of thousands of known drugs, eventually identifying one that could lead to a cure for IPF.

Find a picture gallery of “Pint of Science” here on the Environmental Health and Lung Research School website!