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EUS: Staff of the Institute

Dr. J. Barbro Winkler

Deputy Director, Biologist, Group Leader Ecophysiology

Peter Kary

Machinist, operation of exposure chambers and greenhouse

Armin Richter

Air conditioning technician (state-certified)

Alexandros Sigalas

Electronics engineer, automation and data analysis

Ina Zimmer

Biological-technical assistant, sample analytics, cell cultures

Baris Weber

Chemical-technical assistant, VOC, GCMS

Ulrich Junghans


Mustafa Özden


Georg Gerl

Agricultural Engineer

Anna Mateeva


Marko Bertic

PhD student

Anton Kopatsch

PhD student

Dr. Tetyana Nosenko

Bioinformatics scientist

Peiyuan Zhu

PhD student

Moritz Popp

PhD student

Petra Seibel

Chemical-technical assistant

Prasath Balaji Sivaprakasam Padmanaban

PhD Student

Humay Rahimova

PhD Student

Rachna Behl

PhD, EpiCrossBorders