Environmental Epigenetics

Group name: Environmental Epigenetics

Head of group:
Raffaele Teperino

Raffaele Teperino

Phone: +49 89 3187 30979


Diabetes and Obesity affect almost 400 million people worldwide and forecasts anticipate an increase of at least 20% by 2030.

Epidemiological studies have shown a high degree of genetic predisposition and familial aggregation in both diabetes and obesity. Nevertheless, lifestyle interventions have proven valuable in disease prevention and management.

Our group of Environmental Epigenetics focuses on the interface between metabolism, genetics and disease. We study physiological and pathological aspects of gene-environment interaction and epigenetic control of inheritance and aim to find novel targets and/or mechanisms towards effective strategies for disease prevention.

Source: IEG

Job Opportunities:

We’re constantly interested in motivated PostDoc or PhD Student candidates with a background in Physiology and/or Molecular Medicine, that are willing to work in a young and international team. Should you be interested, please send us your CV with a short statement of past scientific achievements and future research interests.