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Best Scientific Image Contest 2023: Scientists From Helmholtz Munich Awarded

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In January 2023, Helmholtz Imaging called for the Best Scientific Image for the third consecutive time. The winners were announced during the award ceremony on June 15, 2023, at the 3rd Annual Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2023. Lin Yang from the Institute of Lung Health and Immunity at Helmholtz Munich was awarded first place in the "Jury Award" category with a spectacular image showcasing lung alveolar architecture. The second place in the "Public Choice Award" category went to Hongcheng Mai, Jie Luo, and Ali Ertürk from the Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at Helmholtz Munich. Their image depicted the potential of nerves in modulating the metabolism of fatty tissue.

A total of 162 high-quality and stunning images were submitted by the Helmholtz community. These images demonstrate the outstanding portfolio and fascinating expertise of the Helmholtz Association in imaging, highlighting their important contribution to solving major societal challenges. The images showcase the world from the nanoscale to the global scale and cover all research domains of Helmholtz, encompassing almost all Helmholtz Centers.

The Best Scientific Image Contest awards prizes in three categories: the Jury Award, Public Choice Award, and Participants' Choice Award. The Jury Award is presented by a high-ranking international jury of science and art experts, while the Public Choice Award and the Participants' Choice Award are determined by the Helmholtz Imaging community. This year, Helmholtz Imaging secured prizes worth a total of €6,000 donated by Siemens Healthineers, Zeiss, and Beiersdorf.


About the Images

Lung health and immunity by Lin Yang (Lung Health and Immunity at Helmholtz Munich)

On this image the spectator can see the spectacular lung alveolar architecture that is composed of a complex and interconnected structure of the alveoli and capillaries, particle-laden immune cells, and tiny pores of Kohn.

Prize: 2000€ donated by Siemens Healthineers

Innervation of human adipose tissue by Hongcheng Mai, Jie Luo, and Ali Ertürk (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at Helmholtz Munich)

On this image the potential of nerve to modulate the metabolism of fatty tissue becomes visible. The research team first used the Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody to stain the sympathetic nerve in human adipose tissue and tissue clear, and then light sheet microscopy imaging.

Prize: 400€ donated by Beiersdorf

About Helmholtz Imaging
Helmholtz Imaging‘s mission is to unlock the potential of imaging science in the Helmholtz Association. Image data provide a substantial part of data being generated in scientific research. Helmholtz Imaging is the overarching platform to better leverage and make accessible to everyone the innovative modalities, methodological richness, and data treasures of the Helmholtz Association.


Please find the full information about the Best Scientific Image Contest 2023 here