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Helmholtz Munich | ©Ina Ivanova

Helmholtz Munich to Host First Health Foundation Model Symposium

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Helmholtz Munich is bringing together a wide range of experts to advance the development of foundation models focused on health research. The Munich Health Foundation Model Symposium, to be held on April 10, 2024, at the Helmholtz Munich Campus, aims to catalyze innovation in this dynamic field, which is linked to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The day-long event will feature international keynotes on recent foundation model breakthroughs in genomics, computational pathology, and electronic health records. In addition to the keynote presentations, the symposium will feature selected talks from submitted abstracts, providing a platform to share insights and contribute to the discourse from different directions. A networking session with posters will bring stakeholders together to drive the development of the next generation of health foundation models.


What are foundation models?

Foundation models are large-scale machine learning models that are pre-trained on large amounts of diverse data. They serve as building blocks for various AI tasks, enabling efficient transfer learning and fine-tuning for specific applications. Foundation models have revolutionized the field of AI by providing powerful, generalized representations of data, language, and knowledge. One prominent example of a foundation model is ChatGPT. Further specialized models have the potential to advance our understanding of complex diseases.

"We are excited to host this symposium and facilitate discussions on the exciting future of health research foundation models. By bringing together experts and stakeholders from the local and international research community, we are driving progress in the field."

Prof. Fabian Theis, Head of the Computational Health Center at Helmholtz Munich

The symposium will provide networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect with peers, envision partnerships, and explore complementarity. By fostering dialogue and cooperation, the Munich Health Foundation Model Symposium aims to pave the way for a future of biomedical research foundation models that are not only innovative but also impactful, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes.

For more information and to register for the symposium, please visit:

Fabian Theis

Prof. Dr. Fabian Theis

Director of the Computational Health Center, Director of the Institute for Computational Biology