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Ejona Rusha
Helmholtz Munich / Matthias Tunger

Ejona Rusha

089 3187 3762Email meBuilding/Room: Building 35.34/ Room 217

Enabling research for future regenerative medicine solutions.

Enabling research for future regenerative medicine solutions.


After more than a decade of Pluripotent Stem Cell research, we have learned how to employ human PSC to build better disease models and enable regenerative medicine research.

Since 2012, the Core Facility Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells has been providing reprogramming services to the HMGU scientific community. Since 2021, the core has expanded its services to include Crispr Cas targeting and iPSC differentiation in 2D/3D. We offer training for young scientists focusing on stem cell maintenance, quality assessment of their stem cell cultures and the differentiation modality of their interest.

Collaboration partners include major universities and academic institutions across the EU.

hPSC research requires specialized hands on experience. We offer our experience by performing  proof of concept (PoC) experiments which enable faster experimental outcomes and identification of optimal hPSC based models for the communities research interests.

Professional Background


Head of Core Facility Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells


Prototyping Lead iPStemRNA Project - Helmholtz Munich / BMBF


Prototyping advisor for β cell manufacturing ISLET Project - Helmholtz Munich/EU Horizon 2020


Biological Engineer CF-IPSC Helmholtz Munich


Bachelor of Science BSc in Biology/Neuroscience - Jacobs University Bremen