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Course description


Programming skills with R, e.g. course Introduction to R and additional practice.

Course overview:

"RMarkdown" is a fantastic tool to write efficiently manuscripts and research reports. It relieves the work to get your manuscripts and reports reproducible and transferable. You combine the coding in R and writing of the documentation/interpretation of the results all in the same file and compile it directly as a report (e.g. as html, pdf or word document). No copy pasting from the statistical analysis tool to the documentation file anymore. After this course, you will no longer need to create multiple files in order to produce one single research document. Tables, figures, citations and much more can be included in one single document to be directly shared with your peers or PIs.


This introductory course on RMarkdown covers:

  • Getting familiar with the syntax of RMarkdown
  • Include code in the manuscript
  • Format tables and figures with RMarkdown
  • Structure the document
  • Automatize reports using different parameters (render)
  • Produce reports in different formats (docx, HTML, PDF)


The course consists of lessons on how to work with RMarkdown and hands-on examples with best-practice solutions.


  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Language: English
  • This course will be offered either on campus (in person), or online.
  • For online courses we use the software Zoom.


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